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Russia celebrates the first royal wedding in over a century, the Grand Duke marries Italian fiancés


Russia saw its first royal wedding in decades on October 1, when Grand Duke George Romanov and Rebecca Bettarini exchanged vows. The ceremony was the first of its kind after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution that overthrew the Romanov monarchy. The wedding, attended by dozens of royals, took place in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the former imperial capital of Saint Petersburg months after Duke Bettarini, 40, proposed marriage at Christmas.

Saint Petersburg was chosen for the couple’s special day because it was the place the Duke’s family returned to in the early 1990s. Romanov said, “She is very, very close to our family” before adding that the Russian port city on the Baltic Sea is “the history of Russia”, “the history of the Romanov house”.


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In January, 39-year-old Bettarini from Italy took to her Instagram to share her commitment. She posted her picture with Romanov and wrote: “We are happy to finally be able to tell you the news of our engagement! â¤ï¸ thank you for your loving words @revenkodmitriy. “

For the big day, Bettarini wore a beautiful white satin dress with a high collar, long sleeves and a swirling skirt. The stunning bride emphasized her beauty by donning a glittering diamond tiara designed by Chaumet, the official jeweler of Empress Joséphine and Napoléon. While the bridesmaids chose velvet green dresses with puff sleeves in a medieval style.

Among the top-class guests were personalities such as Prince Rudolph and Princess Tilsim of Liechtenstein, Queen Sofia of Spain and the former King and Queen of Bulgaria. Also in attendance were the groom’s mother, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, who looked elegant in a blue fur-trimmed ensemble, and the bride’s father – Roberto Bettarini.

After Bettarini tied the knot, she donned another stunning dress for an evening reception organized at the Russian Museum of Ethnography. Her second outfit was adorned with crystals and a satin puff sleeve twitch. Lyudmila Narusova, member of the Russian Federation Council, Joachim Murat, Prince of Pontecorvo, a member of the Bonaparte-Murat family, and his wife Yasmine Lorraine Briki, as well as the chairman of the Democratic Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC), Javier Hurtado Mira and his date attended the gala .

Bettarini’s Instagram page was full of wedding pictures. A post shared on the social media account showed them posing for a selfie, while the caption read: “Our first selfie as husband and wifeâ€. The comment area was filled with congratulatory messages and compliments. One fan wrote: “I congratulate you on your wedding day, God’s help, joy, mercy on the whole path of life! Omnipresent sincere love and support for one another. â€Another said,“ Congratulations. I wish you luck and good, strength and health. You are now responsible for our country before the Lord God and the Russian people. God save you and your family. “The third added:” Congratulations !! Beautiful bride and I love your wedding dress !! But I wish you have these bangs to support your tiara at your wedding ceremony. “

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