My Perfect Weekend with Actress Apple Chan
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My Perfect Weekend with Actress Apple Chan

Who: Hong Kong-born, Singapore-raised actress Apple Chan, 33, reprises her role as no-nonsense, disciplined Lieutenant Roxanne Tan in Ah Girls Go Army Again, the second part of Jack Neo’s comedy, which is in theaters now.

Not only does her character continue to help the women focus on their basic military training, but she also finds herself in a love triangle between her boyfriend and one of her female recruits, whom he used to date.

Chan is best known to local audiences for portraying Lieutenant Zhang in Neo’s 2017 film Ah Boys To Men 4. She has also acted in a number of Hong Kong TVB drama series while running her skincare business, Apondle.

“For people like me in the industry, we typically work weekends due to irregular hours. When that happens I do my ‘weekend activities’ on weekdays, which I prefer as there are fewer crowds.

I take my two-year-old Pomeranian soju hiking, picnicking at HortPark or the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and exploring various pet-friendly cafes.

We haven’t gone to a cafe more than once because we’re always hopping around.

We also laze on the beaches of Sentosa or bike around the Marina Bay Sands area, in East Coast Park or near my home in north-east Singapore. I have a spot for my dog ​​on my foldable bike so he can enjoy the view and breeze with me.

If I have time, I take an aerial hoop yoga class on Saturdays or stay home and watch shows like Emily In Paris (2020-present) and Penthouse (2020-2021) on Netflix.

I also have home cooked meals as they comfort my soul. The food is less salty and oily.

I love to cook and when I eat at home I try to eat healthier so I have more “quota” to indulge myself outside.

I like steamed eggs, steamed chicken thighs with red dates and black mushrooms, and soups. I grew up in a family that loves soup. My parents always made soup and believe that hot soup can nourish beauty and strengthen physical health.

I also like to relax with wine, cheese and oysters at home or at one of my favorite bars, Tess Bar & Kitchen on Seah Street.

I also love having steamboats at friends’ or mine’s so we can buy whatever we want.”