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Twitter, Google and Facebook face new fines for refusing to remove prohibited content – Society & Culture


MOSCOW, May 5th. / TASS /. Google and Facebook can fine an additional 20 million rubles ($ 267,000) for refusing to remove banned content as required by the Russian mass media and communications regulator, while Twitter faces an impending fine of 24 million rubles ($ 320,000) Dollars) for a similar violation. a source in Division No. 422 of the district court who received the relevant administrative protocols against the tech titans, TASS said.

“The court has received five minutes against both Google and Facebook. They were created pursuant to Part 2 Article 13.41 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (“Failure to provide information by the owner of a website or information source in the information and telecommunications network ‘Internet’ in the event that an obligation to remove such information is required by law in the Russian Federation . ‘) With regard to Twitter, six similar minutes have been obtained from the court, “the source said, adding that companies may be fined up to 4 million rubles for each protocol. A hearing date has not yet been set.

In early April, the Municipal Department No. 422 of the Tagansky District Court of Moscow Twitter has a total of 8.9 million. The company has already lodged a complaint against these decisions. The watchdog has compiled similar protocols against Facebook, Google, and Telegram. The court will decide on this later. Additionally, TikTok was fined 2.6 million rubles ($ 34,000) for the same violation.

According to the Russian Media Inspectorate (the Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media), more than 2,500 files were found on social networks in January and February encouraging participation in unauthorized, illegal events. This violation will result in a fine of 800,000 to 4 million rubles (US $ 10,469-52,344) for legal entities. In the event of repetition, the penalty increases to one tenth of the company’s total annual revenue.