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Inquisitive puppy gets into a lot of trouble | South Coast Register


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A potentially difficult situation near Bawley Point had a happy ending on Sunday afternoon when rescue workers rescued a small dog from a “rabbit hole” in the bushland. The Tibetan spaniel, whose name was not disclosed, was rescued by Rural Fire Service and Fire and Rescue crews from Bawley Point, Ulladulla and Kioloa after responding to the incident shortly before 1 p.m. A Tibetan Spaniel is a small companion dog that is similar in size and shape to a Pomeranian. A spokeswoman for Bawley Point RFS said the owners called Triple 0 shortly after their dog went missing. “The dog ran into the bush, smelled something there, and went down the rabbit hole,” she said. “It was stuck in there and we had to use a thermal imaging camera to find it.” The rescue was complex even after the dog was found, said the spokeswoman. “There were blackberry bushes all around us, so a lot of us cut that back,” she said. “One of our smaller girls put her shoulders in the hole and used an animal control rod to get her out. “It was a combined effort by the crews, but the first thermal camera find was brilliant.” They said the dog’s owners “not too bad considering the circumstances.” “It was a considerable amount of time (the dog was stuck) so obviously there was some concern,” said the spokeswoman for Fire and Rescue’s support had it not lasted. “It was such an overwhelming moment when the dog was pulled out of the hole – it was a beautiful result.”