Baltic Sea

Valtteri Bottas always wanted to make a Race of Champions debut


Valtteri Bottas will meet a career goal when he debuts in the Race of Champions in the upcoming 2022 event.

The Race of Champions has become one of the most popular events in motorsport, as participants from all categories meet in a series of races on a specially designed circuit.

For 2022, Pitea, Sweden will welcome the Race of Champions, with the action taking place on a purpose-built ice rink on the Baltic Sea.

And Bottas will be there, first competing in the ROC Nations Cup with a compatriot for Finland on the first day, before moving on to the individual fights on the second day.

At the end of the Formula 1 season in 2021, Bottas will leave Mercedes and look forward to the next stage of his career at Alfa Romeo.

Before that, however, the timings have been adjusted so that the 32-year-old can achieve his dream by taking part in the Race of Champions.

“It is the first time that I have taken part in this race,” Bottas is quoted as saying by GP fans.

“I’ve always wanted to do it, but the times didn’t work out either with the calendar or with the location.

“It’s actually next to Finland where I’ll be sometime in winter, so I can combine that and it should be really fun on ice and snow.”

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Of course, these conditions will favor the rally drivers in the field, but since Bottas has rally experience himself, he does not see himself at a disadvantage in the Race of Champions.

With the 6th place at the Arctic Lappland Rally 2021, Bottas was the third top 10 result in a row at this event.

“I don’t feel like it’s a disadvantage because I’m from Finland and I’ve done a few rallies and the Arctic rally a few times. I think it will be fine, â€he said.

“As a driver who drives on the track, I find it more natural than for a rally driver once you’ve learned the track.

“Let’s see that they’re fast, of course, but mostly for fun.”