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A Utah dog wins a race and goes viral


I laughed to the point where tears ran down my face. Then I looked at it a few more times over the weekend. The same result every time.

Holly is a gold doodle. Her owner says she likes to run. It was certainly obvious a week ago at Logan High School. Logan hosted schools from Utah and Idaho for athletics events. If you haven’t seen the video before, you are likely in a very small minority.

I did a quick search on YouTube and found a story in Arabic about the racing pictures

What I find most amusing is that the dog just seemed to want to join in. As you can see, Holly slowed and stopped next to the girl. The teenager almost tripped over the playful dog at the finish and tried not to spear the animal.

Multiple versions of the video have been released around the world. I did a quick search on YouTube and found a story in Arabic accompanying the racing pictures, suggesting that the entertainment is universal.

I ran every day in the early 1990s. A decade later, I broke my leg and my days on the trails ended. I used to run a dog that belonged to a friend. He didn’t mind that I trained the pooch. One morning we got off a trail behind a college and there was football practice going on. Nitro, as the dog is called, shot off and grabbed a ball out of the air. Then he decided to play TV. The trainer whipped me hard with his tongue. I replied, “He’s not my dog!”

I am posting one of the Holly videos below.

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