Fourth leak reported on Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea

Fourth leak reported on Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea

A satellite image taken on Monday shows a gas leak in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline off the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. (Planet Labs PBC/Handout via REUTERS)

STOCKHOLM (AP) – A fourth leak at the Nord Stream pipelines has been reported off southern Sweden, the Swedish news agency said on Thursday.

The Swedish Coast Guard told news agency TT that they have a ship at the site of the leak off Sweden. All four leaks discovered are in international waters, two near Sweden and two near Denmark.

The Nord Stream pipelines run through the Baltic Sea to transport gas from Russia to Germany. Neither pipeline was operational, but both were filled with gas. The Danish and Swedish governments believe the leaks were “premeditated acts” before their countries.

Explosions were recorded before the leaks were reported. A first explosion was registered by seismologists early Monday southeast of the Danish island of Bornholm. A second, more powerful blast northeast of the island that night corresponded to a magnitude 2.3 earthquake. The explosions were also registered by seismic stations in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Some European officials and energy experts have said that Russia is likely to be responsible for any sabotage – it benefits directly from higher energy prices and economic anxiety across Europe – although others have warned against pointing the finger until investigators can determine what is happening is.

On Wednesday, before the fourth leak was reported, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said it would have taken a large explosive device to cause the damage.