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St. Cloud Student Receives National Recognition for Her Podcast

Have you ever created a podcast? Have you ever thought about it? Technology has advanced at a super fast pace this year, and some local students are given the chance to learn how to develop it and change the world. Pictured above are: (Left: Hidik Ibrahim, student Juwariye Bariyo on the phone screen and multilingual teacher Suzy Mcintyre, right).


Ruth Thom, Personalized Learning Coordinator at Stride Academy, has submitted 4 entries from students from her school to the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. There were over 2,600 entries from middle and high school students from across the country, and one of our own students was one of only 150 other students who received an Honorable Mention for her podcast.


Juwariye Bariyo, 8th grade student at Stride, received the Honorable Mention for her podcast entitled “Understanding The Hijab”. You can listen to their podcast below.



Juwariye was in Kenya when she received the recognition, but her father Hidik Ibrahim and her multilingual teacher Suzy Mcintyre, as well as executive director Eric Williams and school principal Gwen Anderson and other teachers who assisted Juwariye on the podcast, all gathered over a zoom call to congratulate her on the achievement.


The NPR Student Podcast Challenge gave students the opportunity to learn how to create podcasts, with their podcast’s grand prize being shown on NPRs Morning edition or Everything considered.

For a list of honorable mentions, click HERE.

I’ll be speaking to Ruth Thom about “It Matters with Kelly Cordes” today at 10:15 AM on AM1240 and 95.3 FM or streaming it on www.wjon.com.

To learn more about Stride, click here.

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