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California officials charged with fatal shooting of an unarmed man in 2018


Danville Police Officer Andrew Hall was charged with negligent homicide and assault in the 2018 fatal shooting of Laudemer Arboleda, Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton told KTVU on Wednesday.

“Officer Hall used unreasonable and unnecessary force in responding to the ongoing traffic chase,” Becton said after reviewing the dashcam footage as part of an investigation into Arboleda’s death that lasted over two years. Becton stated that the delay was due to a “backlog of previous law enforcement agencies with fatal incidents that my office is investigating”.

Hall, who was the deputy sheriff of Contra Costa County at the time, fired nine shots through his windshield at the end of a car chase at Arboleda. Arboleda was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Those who knew Arboleda quietly called him, while the police may have known that he was dealing with a mental illness.

Hall is currently on administrative leave because of the fatal shooting of Tyrell Wilson last month, reports CBS SF Bay Area. Bodycam footage shows Hall confronting Wilson about jaywalking. Their interaction escalated pretty quickly when Wilson brandished a knife.

“Don’t touch me or you’ll see what’s going on,” Wilson said to Hall, who responded by showing his gun and ordering him to drop the knife. Wilson’s behavior soon changed, dropping the knife next to him and asking Hall to “kill me”. Hall fired a single round, killing Wilson.

A $ 220,000 warrant has been issued for Hall’s arrest. Hall was not taken into custody as of Wednesday evening, but he is due to be tried in court at a later date.