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Chris Roberts Obituary (2021) – Missoula, MT


Chris Roberts

March 29, 1948 – June 9, 2021

Chris Roberts, 73, Missoula, MT, died at home of esophageal cancer on June 9: family and pets by his side. In death, his brother Nick Roberts (ceramic artist), father Bob Roberts and mother Lucy preceded it. He leaves behind the sons Corey and Larry as well as the 47-year-old partner and carer Ruth.

Originally from England, Chris immigrated to Spokane, WA with his family when he was 9 years old. Bullied at school for his English accent and woolen vests, he said: why he understood children who are teased because of their differences. He was a great advocate of tolerance and equality for all.

Chris was a accomplished achiever and had limitless energy. He served as an Eagle Scout Master, a 10-year auxiliary member of the Coast Guard and owner of the Meadowlark Ventures music agency in the 1970s and 1980s. As a nationally known photographer, he wrote “Powwow Country” and “People of the Circle” and produced artistic photos for calendars. For 50 years he danced the Native American Powwow circuit to visit friends and take part in competitions.

Pat and Chris enjoyed walks in the woods.

Kyle and Chris sailed Flathead Lake and when Chris wasn’t working at his Meadowlark Media business paying medical bills and having a bit of ready-made European prescriptions for his family.

He was known for his green thumb and a garden, and as ill as he felt at the end of his time, he sat on his garden bench with his faithful companions Rezz Dawg (Texas Heeler) and Savvy Sioux (Pomerania), meditating his life and that Realizing that it was his turn to join his spirit brothers Bill Runsabove, Joe Sam Scabby Robe and Nick in Sweet Bye and Bye.

I see him waving to Carol who did his powwow chicken dance outfits – he’s a rainbow of colors. He is happy now. His heart is now unleashed and he is FREE, he is with the heavenly family; On earth, Chris stayed true to his Italian and British heritage, even if he danced to the beat of the Indian drums.

Published by Missoulian on July 3, 2021.