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German cities are witnessing protests urging the lifting of sanctions against Russia

German demonstrators in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are demanding that the government ensure affordable living costs and lift sanctions against Russia.

  • German demonstrators are demanding the lifting of sanctions against Russia

The German news agency German press agency (DPA) reported on Tuesday, October 10, about 7,000 protesters took to the streets in more than 15 cities in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania demanding that the government provide affordable living standards and stop supplying arms to Ukraine.

Corresponding DPA2,400 demonstrators in Schwerin and Neubrandenburg demanded peace talks on Ukraine and the suspension of sanctions against Russia.

According to the report, demonstrators in Magdeburg held up placards calling for an end to the lies about gas supplies and preventing gas price increases in the interests of peace, freedom and prosperity.

Rallies were also held in the German states of Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Saxony, where around 1,000 demonstrators demonstrated with the same demands in the state.

Berlin: “I want Russian gas and oil”

Germany’s far-right group, the AfD, rallied outside Berlin’s Reichstag building on October 8 to protest the rising cost of living amid rising energy prices.

The AfD protesters then began marching through the city, whose co-leader accused the government of waging a war against the German people by creating an energy crisis through sanctions against Russia. Police estimate that around 8,000 participants attended the rallies.

Although the group encountered several counter-demonstrations along the way, some of the protesters at the AfD rally were seen waving not only German flags but also Russian flags, including the Imperial Reich War Flag, which is used as a far-right symbol.

Tino Chrupalla, the AfD’s co-leader, called for the lifting of sanctions on Russia and for the resignation of Economy Minister Robert Habeck over his reckless policies, which have led him to wage a war against the German people rather than Moscow.

While many have been seen chanting “Away with Habeck!” Chrupalla attacked the minister’s Greens for pushing for the introduction of a cap on gas prices

“The Greens want our country to be poor and weak,” he said at the rallies.

“We don’t need a cap on gas prices, we need to put a cap on the Greens,” he said, adding: “The price of gas will go back to normal if we buy cheap gas from Russia.”

Chrupalla noted that buying gas from the US and UAE, as Germany plans to do, is just as morally suspect.

Co-leader Alice Weidel was scheduled to give a speech, but it was canceled due to illness.

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