Pomeranian Coast

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– caraeagriffiths

blurb: “Rags the thief has never found a bag he couldn’t pick, but when he’s captured by a wizard with doomsday plans, he realizes even he’s over his head. Forced to use his sophisticated abilities to steal parts of an ancient fae relic, Rags is stunned to discover that these “relics” are just that Persons:

A bewilderingly handsome fairy prince,

A too honorable Queensguard deserter,

A rowdy daughter of a disgraced noble family,

A deceptively good-natured prince,

A real member of the resistance,

And he. rags.

They may all be prisoners of the wizard’s horrific plan, but that won’t stop them from fighting back. And of course, six unexpected allies against an evil foe aren’t generous odds, but luckily for him, Rag isn’t generous – he’s smart. And he has a plan that might just get her out of here alive.

With the raid and intrigue of Six crows and the dark fairy tale feel of That Cruel PrinceThis young adult fantasy debut will engage readers as a pair of reluctant heroes confront a prophecy from a doomsday fae, a malevolent royal conspiracy and, most dangerously, their feelings for one another.”

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