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Whitmer kidnapping trial Symbol of discord in the West Michigan

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) – Four men accused of planning a kidnapping Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer stand trial by name in federal court Gerald R Ford, the ex-president known for moderation and bridging. It’s a startling contrast that reflects a growing political and cultural divide US Anger and intense partisanship are evident in the West and North Michigan, where the jury of the trial live. The region includes big rapidswhich ford represented in it congressplus farms, small towns and those Lake Michigan Coast. In the past, the area was known for its personable nature and mild-mannered Midwestern leaders. But it has been torn by clashes over guns, race and the pandemic restrictions that prosecutors say inspired the conspiracy against Whitmer.


Whitmer signals veto on bill to freeze state gas tax

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Governor. Gretchen Whitmer has signaled she will veto Republican-sponsored legislation that would freeze Michigans 27 cents– Gasoline and diesel taxes per gallon for six months amid high prices at the pump. The Democratic governor wants congress pause the bond 18 cents-a gallon gas tax and 24 cents diesel tax. Whitmer said Friday she was “all in” to try to exonerate the Michiganders. She says the focus should be on helping those who are struggling. Federal legislation, supported by Whitmer, would shift public funds to ensure there is no impact on road funding. republican say they’ll do something similar if she signs state law.


The laws allow the parole board to wait 5 years to screen certain inmates

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – New legislation allows the Michigan Parole Board to delay investigations into murderers and other violent offenders to take place every five years instead of every one or two years. The bipartisan measures signed into law by the Democratic governor on Friday. Gretchen Whitmer Address what supporters say was an unintended consequence of a 2018 law changing parole rules. Legislation was pushed by victims who survived Lansing-Area serial killers Don Miller. Changes in the 2018 law included a provision that reduced the maximum period between parole tests for an inmate who was denied despite having a high or average likelihood of being discharged.


Prisoner charged after jail warden was threatened

MILAN, Mich. (AP) – A man is about to be released from a federal prison Michigan could take additional time after authorities said he threatened to kill a prison guard and the guard’s family. The Detroit News reports that prosecutors unsealed a new case against on Friday Jemel Thompsonhours before he was due to leave prison Milan. Thompson, 32, was serving a 10-month sentence for violating the conditions of supervised release stemming from a gun and drug offenses conviction. If he is convicted of threatening the guard, he now faces another six years. An affidavit from a FBI Agent states that waking up in prison February 24th noticed graffiti in Thompson’s cell threatening the guard.


DNR: Aerial view shows Michigan’s Moose herd is growing

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – The state Department of Natural Resources Michigan’s moose population has increased 5% since 2019, according to a survey conducted in January DNR says the eight-day aerial survey in January covered 1,080 square miles of sample plots to the north Lower Peninsula. The state’s moose population is estimated at between 870 and 1,684 animals. A total of 793 moose in 92 groups were observed and a population estimation model was used to account for animals that may not have been observed during the survey. DNR Specialist in the management of deer, elk and elk Chad Stewart says: “The latest estimates indicate that the moose herd remains healthy.”


North Indiana Bus accident sends 7 people to hospitals

GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) – Authorities say seven people have been taken to hospitals in the north after a bus crash on Friday afternoon Indiana. God fire chief Then sink says the intercity trolley bus hit a pole on Friday afternoon. He says first responders would have to “extricate the driver and a few other guests from the bus.” The Interurban Trolley offers public transport with two lines Elkhart to God and Mishawaka and three circulation routes connecting the main corridors in and around the City of Elkhart


The jury overhears the man discussing the plan to kidnap me. Governor Whitmer

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) – Prosecutors have played secretly recorded audio files to the jury in which a man is accused of plotting a kidnapping Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer specifically mentions the kidnapping of the Democrat. In the recording off Mid July 2020 in Wisconsin, Barry Croft Jr. describes the possibility of using explosives to “rain” fire on law enforcement “with a team standing by” to apprehend Whitmer. He adds, without giving details of a plan, that they should do “a quick, precise hold.” Four men stand trial Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the alleged conspiracy. Prosecutors say they are upset by the pandemic restrictions imposed by Whitmer. Defense attorneys say the men were great talkers who were ensnared by government informants FBI agents.


2 men rescued from Saginaw Bay for the 2nd time this week

FRASER TWPMe. (AP) – Two men were rescued from the freezing waters Saginaw Bay for the second time this week after falling through unstable ice. The Saginaw News The two were reportedly trying to recover items they had to leave behind during their first rescue Sunday when they had to be rescued again on Wednesday. Bay County sheriff Troy Cunningham says MPs were dispatched after being made aware that two men were in the water after their boat capsized. He says, “The two men were trying to recover equipment they had left on the ice from their previous ice rescue.” The two were taken to a hospital.


Ruff News: Dog handler at Michigan Prisons get pay cuts

MUNISING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Prisoners entrusted with dog training receive a 42% pay cut $1.54 per day after an error was discovered by the correctional facility. Prisoners are already being paid low wages for their work behind bars. Now a pay cut $2.65 a day hurts, especially when the job requires special skills. the Detroit FreePress says A correctional facility Officials made a mistake when approving the higher pay rate around 2011 Alger Prison say they have a good record and need to complete an eight-week training program to get the jobs. Louise Reichert from Escanaba says her Pomeranian was trained by prisoners. She says he was a great pet.


The armored vehicle manufacturer that retrofitted JFK’s sedan is closing

CINCINNATI (AP) – An armored vehicle manufacturer that customized the President’s limousine John F Kennedy was murdered in 1963 and ceases operations. The company nearby cincinnati announced last week that it would lay off all 200 employees Fairfield, Ohio, and close permanently. The company was known as Hess & Eisenhardt in the 1960s when it reinforced Kennedy’s presidential limousine after it was built by Ford Motor Co. in 1961. Added modifications included removable transparent roof panels, a hydraulic rear seat that allowed the president and steps to be raised intelligence agents.

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