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Dog owner must defrost Pomeranian with hair dryer after playing in snow

A dog owner had to blast her frozen pomeranian with a hair dryer for 15 minutes – after it played around in the snow for too long.

Susanna Domosi had to carry the two-year-old grizzly bear inside after he played outside in the snow – and held him by the legs.

Susanna said: “He’s obsessed with playing in the snow, that’s when we see him most excited. He hopped around and plowed through the snow like he was a rabbit.

“When I picked him up I was shocked and yelled for my friend to come to Grizzly immediately. We laughed so hard!

Susanne only briefly left Grizzly Bear alone after taking some videos of her dog in the snow as the powder collected in balls on his legs and body.

The founder of dog treat company Furever Love Club said: “After about ten minutes I looked at Grizzly and he had a scared look on his face, I could see he was shaking.

“I grabbed him, ran inside, and as I turned Grizzly over to hold him securely like a baby so I could take my shoes off, I saw the snowballs.

“It was a total surprise!”

Before attacking him with the hair dryer, she posted a video on her TikTok @fureverloveclub of him lying helplessly on his back and stretching his snowy legs in the air.