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Four arrested after shoplifting in southern Berkshire County

When will criminals find out that crime, no matter how criminal or petty, doesn’t pay off? Four people were recently arrested on Southern Berkshire County’s news after allegedly involved in two shoplifting incidents.

According to Great Barrington Police, four people were arrested after a traffic stop in connection with two separate shoplifting incidents, one in Lee and the other in Great Barrington.

Police officers report that shortly before 7:30 p.m. on December 28, three people entered Berkshire Liquors on Housatonic Street down the leeward. They grabbed armfuls of alcoholic products, left without paying, and immediately fled town in a dark, New York-license SUV. A bolo (watch out) was given to law enforcement in the area with the vehicle description.

A similar incident occurred shortly afterwards at Domaney’s Liquors on Main Street in Great Barrington. According to the police, three people entered the store again, grabbed several alcohol products, left the store without paying and fled the scene. However, this At that time a partial New York license plate for the SUV was provided by a witness.

A bolo with updated information was redistributed to local law enforcement agencies. Thereafter, a Stockbridge police officer reportedly discovered a vehicle that matched this description driving on East Main Street. The officer tried to stop the SUV, but it did not stop before entering Lee City.

After reaching a dead end in Quarry Hill Business Park, the vehicle finally came to a stop. Lee, Great Barrington, Lenox, and Massachusetts State Police officers responded to the scene.

Vehicle operator, Nyzaiah Williams, 18 years old, of New York City, was arrested on multiple charges: unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle; failure to stop the police; unlawful affixing of license plates, negligent operation of a motor vehicle; and receiving stolen property.

Three other occupants of the vehicle were also arrested and charged with shoplifting over $ 250. Albert L. Alexis, 23, from New York City, was identified as teenagers along with two others. Two other vehicle occupants were released without charge.

Police report that officers saw a large amount of liquor bottles and possibly other stolen items inside the SUV. The investigation is still ongoing. The vehicle was confiscated and a search warrant requested.

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