Mecklenburg-Vorpommern District

DA3VID enchanted the fans with soulful vocals and a raw capture in its latest pop numbers


The classic DA3VID amazed the fans with powerful vocals in its current pop songs. He has shown his sheer talent and style with a sumptuous pop clothing.

(YorkPedia Editorial): – Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania May 11, 2021 ( – The productive pop musician, DA3VID aka Daevid Kanke has created passionate contemporary pop vibes. He won hearts with his captivating pop tracks.FIRE DANCER GIRL“And” DANCE WITH ME “. He is also the owner of the futuristic production house ‘DA3VID Records’ which has some great facilities. The artist was born in Schwerin, Germany in 1974 and grew up to be one of the best pop musicians. For a long time he received classical guitar lessons and later singing and composition lessons at the renowned music and art school Ataraxia. In 2004 he won a prestigious composers competition organized by the Schwerin and Ataraxia Conservatory.

The great track ‘FIRE DANCER GIRL’ has great pop vocals. The exquisite song ‘DANCE WITH ME‘did great guitar work with brilliant melody. The singer par excellence, DA3VID amazed fans with a memorable brim. He also studied Buddhist philosophy in Hamburg at the Tibetan Center from 2010 to 2013. He also completed his studies as a pop composer at the Deutsche POP, also in Hamburg. Most of his pop music videos are trending Youtube.

The singer is also a very good guitar teacher and his songs are exquisite. He is an all-rounder who is known for his compositional and guitar playing skills. He has also produced English and German language songs. He has a unique cross-over style that sets him apart from other pop musicians. His unique guitar pop tracks are streamed on Spotify. Follow him further Twitter.

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