A renovation loan, as the name suggests, is a loan intended to finance the renovation of a house. A renovation loan is not the same as a personal loan, the renovation loan differs by being cheaper than a regular installment loan. It is a loan with a fixed interest rate so that it is clear in advance how much you will pay. A renovation loan can be used to finance all renovation work on, for example, bathroom, roofing, kitchen or for the extension of your home.

Renovation is expensive but sometimes necessary if certain adjustments are necessary to improve or maintain living comfort. It is also possible that you walk around with nice plans for your home. You only do not have enough savings or do not want to use your savings here. In such a case, the renovation loan offers a solution for both large and small renovations.


Previously, you had to meet many conditions before you could take out a renovation loan. Today, fortunately, this is no longer the case. However, it was previously possible to make a renovation loan fully tax deductible. These tax benefits have been reduced in recent years. This does not mean, however, that a renovation loan has become less attractive. There are still benefits associated with this loan. You can still enjoy the reduced VAT rate for certain renovation works. You have to take into account that this only applies if you have a home of at least 5 years old. To take out a renovation loan, it is required that you own the property and that you can demonstrate that the money is actually used to renovate your home.


With a renovation loan there are numerous possibilities. With this redeemable credit you can. depending on your financial situation and the financial institution, borrow between € 1000 to € 100,000 to pay for the plans for your own home. Finally the new bathroom or kitchen, but also if your home needs certain adjustments such as an extra bedroom or in connection with a change in the physical condition of you or other family members. You may be considering a renovation to make your home more environmentally friendly or adjustments that increase the value of your home. In that case, such an investment will quickly return. This type of credit is also suitable for homeowners where there is not enough financial space within the current mortgage loan to renovate or if you prefer not to lend extra. Borrowing money through a renovation loan for renovations and renovations is much more interesting than borrowing (extra) money through a mortgage loan. Borrowing money through a mortgage loan is much more expensive and you will then be faced with strict requirements and conditions. With a renovation loan you can adapt the house entirely to your own wishes and needs. With this form of credit you have the possibility to divide the pace and activities of your project. Whatever reasons you have to renovate, before taking out a renovation loan, these plans become reality. You will then immediately have the money available to start the renovation plans. To find out how much money you can borrow, it is useful to calculate this using a loan simulator. Borrowing money is never free of charge, but cheap borrowing is possible. Therefore pay attention to the differences between the lenders and the level of interest.

Refund and term

You pay a fixed monthly amount with the interest depending on the amount and the term of the loan. The minimum duration of a renovation loan is twelve months. The maximum duration can vary and depends on the loan amount and your personal situation. You have the possibility to take out insurance policies that protect you and your family against financial problems. These insurance policies provide more certainty in the event of death, unemployment or incapacity for work.

Premiums and subsidies

When you take out a renovation loan you can qualify for premiums or subsidies in certain cases. This way you can qualify for a premium from the Flemish government. Is your home at least 25 years old and have you already invested more than 10,000 in the renovation of your home? Then it is quite possible that you can use the renovation premium. The government also offers adjustment premiums, which are subsidies aimed at the renovation or renovation of homes for the elderly or adjustments to a home for people with disabilities. In many cases you can also count on a subsidy if you want to carry out renovations that benefit the environment. Energy saving and environmental improvement are everyone’s interests and that is why the Flemish government encourages energy-saving work on your home. You can think of placing solar panels, double glazing, replacing an old boiler and other energy-saving measures. It is therefore possible that you are eligible for a premium. Applications for such subsidies and premiums are made via the Flemish government. When applying, you will be faced with a number of conditions, including an income condition. More information and conditions can be found on the website of the Flemish government.

Benefits of renovation loan

Benefits of renovation loan

– No notary fees or file costs for taking out the credit

– Fast processing of your application so that you almost immediately have the money

– You can renovate your home without using your savings

– Tax benefit in certain cases

– A tailor-made loan because the duration and the monthly amount of a renovation loan are adjusted to your budget

– Suitable for both small and large renovations

Close renovation loan

Of course, you would rather start today with the renovation plans for your home today than before. You already have the beautiful picture in your head, now the concrete plans and financing. Taking out a renovation loan is simple and does not take much time so you can start building soon. View the possibilities now for the various lenders to take out a renovation loan . After arranging the financing you can completely and carefree focus on renovating.